Fnatic crush Vitality in LEC match of the week

Fnatic bring death from below to Vitality.

Image via Riot Games

This LEC match of the week saw Vitality going up against Fnatic and facing the same destiny as their first match of this Split. After an almost 30-minute affair, Fnatic took down Vitality with a dominating performance across the map.

League of Legends fans knew Fnatic was the team to watch from their draft, when Hylissang picked Pyke and Upset locked in Zeri. On the other side, Vitality answered by drafting an equally powerful bot lane of Aphelios-Thresh. 

If Vitality had to wait until the late stages of the game to bring out the champions’ full potential, Fnatic had to push themselves to the limits from the early game. And they did it.

In the first minutes of the game, Hylissang began harassing and pressing his opponents with his Pyke, almost killing Labrov at minute two. Vitality quickly caught on to Hylissang’s strategy, punishing him for wandering away from the bot lane and securing kills for Perkz and Selfmade. Despite the uneven number of kills, both teams were even in gold at 10 minutes. 

But if the early game was dominated by the pressing presence of Hylissang’s Pyke, the mid game was the Ruined King’s territory. Teamfight after teamfight, Razork’s Viego became stronger, to the point that he effortlessly defeated his opponents even in one-vs-one situations.

Fnatic’s early-game aggression was successful and their strength was consistently increasing as Zeri became faster and more powerful throughout the match. By the 25-minute mark, the Spark of Zaun was so strong that Upset chased and took down his opponents while they were surrounded by allies.

After taking down the majority of Vitality’s towers, Fnatic made their way towards the Baron, picking up the team buff to close the game. With both their bot and mid lane besieged, Vitality found refuge under their Nexus’ towers, trying to find the perfect pick to initiate one last fight. But Razork launched himself between the enemy tower and Nexus to bring ruin to its opponents. 

Fnatic closed their second game against Vitality with a dominating performance across the map, which reminded viewers and players why they were considered one of the contenders of this Split’s title at the beginning of the season. With this win, Fnatic are tied in second place with G2 Esports, whom they will face in the next week. 

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