Fnatic break tie for fourth place in 2021 LEC Spring Split

Both Fnatic and SK gave it their all during this match, but only one emerged victorious.

FNC Bwipo LEC Week Seven
Photo via Riot Games

Fnatic took down SK Gaming today in a fast-paced League of Legends game lasting only 26 minutes, clearing the way for an uncontested fourth-place position on the 2021 LEC Spring Split leaderboard.

While Fnatic went for a composition that performed well in all stages of the game, SK drafted a risky composition reliant on early snowballing. After losing all three lanes, SK fell to Fnatic quickly with a couple of early kills. The MVP vote went to Upset, who used Kai’Sa to annihilate the opposition.

This showdown began with aggressive plays from Fnatic around the map. SK were pushed into their towers, losing valuable experience and gold from creeps. After a couple of early-game kills by SK, the game looked great for them, but Fnatic bounced back with a teamfight at 13 minutes. They aced their opponents and funneled most of the kill gold into Upset.

In the following teamfights, Upset took over with Kai’Sa and thanks to Hylissang protecting him from harm. With a late-game composition that failed to scale, SK fell to the might of their opponents while defending their mid lane tower, ultimately losing the game as well.

Fnatic had a great 2-0 weekend and are looking well prepared for their upcoming three matches next week. While Misfits Gaming and Schalke 04 shouldn’t prove to be a big challenge, Rogue may pose a threat following their dominant Spring Split performance. Tune in next week to see if Fnatic can maintain their form and secure a spot for the playoffs.

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