FlyQuest reveals 2022 LCS roster

These five players are ready to showcase their own greatness this January.

Photo via Riot Games

It’s been a busy offseason for most LCS organizations, with every team preparing for the new year with revamped League of Legends lineups. The latest team to introduce its squad is FlyQuest and the roster looks poised to make some noise in 2022.

The team consists of top laner Kumo, Argentinian jungler Josedeodo, French mid laner Toucouille, Canadian AD carry Johnsun, and LCS veteran support aphromoo. The diverse roster will look to bring better fortunes to FlyQuest after finishing as a bottom-three team during both the 2021 LCS Spring and Summer Splits.

Kumo and Josedeodo are the only remaining players from this past year for FlyQuest. Both players failed to find much synergy on a team that lacked enough firepower to keep up with some of the stronger rosters in the region. Joining them, however, is a true North American leader in the support position.

Aphromoo is the oldest active player in the league at 29 and will be a beacon of knowledge for a rather young collection of talent. His many years as a pro should help specific players stay confident since they know they’re playing with a mainstay of the league. He’ll be making the swap over along with an old bottom lane partner, Johnsun, who he played with on Team Dignitas in 2020.

Toucouille is the fresh face of the team, making his debut as an import in NA. He’s also the youngest player on the starting lineup, with the least amount of playing time at the highest level of his region. Back in Europe, he only played in the LFL with GamersOrigin and GameWard. Now, he’ll be going up against Bjergsen, Abbedagge, PowerOfEvil, and Fudge, which is a tough trial by fire.

This FlyQuest lineup will make its debut when the LCS returns to action in January.

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