FlyQuest introduces new summer initiative called SeaQuest

From green to marine.

Image via FlyQuest

FlyQuest has revealed its newest nature-based goal for the 2020 LCS Summer Split. The League of Legends team is now switching its focus from the trees to the seas with SeaQuest, which is the second part of FlyQuest’s “Go Green” initiative.

Last season, FlyQuest helped donate over 10,000 trees to the One Tree Planted Organization through their actions on Summoner’s Rift. Each time FlyQuest won a match, for example, the team donated 100 trees.

FlyQuest also donated a tree each time one of its players got a kill during a match, regardless of winning or losing, and planted 10 trees every time a team took an Ocean Drake.

For the summer, though, the team has shifted from floral to coral by changing up its donations to the Coral Reef Alliance, one of the biggest coral reef foundations in the world. Instead of trees, FlyQuest will be donating $100 per win, $10 every time an Ocean Drake is taken by any team, and $1 for every kill made by FlyQuest players.

FlyQuest is also trying to save turtles this season. Although details haven’t been released yet, the team has planned some exciting campaigns that include possible beach activations, educational video content, and donation drives.

With its green initiative, FlyQuest has become one of the most beloved teams in the North American League community. They tore it up last season, too, breaking expectations to reach the 2020 Spring finals.

The 2020 LCS Summer Split kicks off on June 12. FlyQuest are scheduled to take on Cloud9 around 9pm CT.