Fizz player picks up long-distance kill on unsuspecting Janna with the help of Poppy’s ultimate

You can't make this stuff up.

Image via Riot Games

Not even Janna could predict today’s forecast.

One League of Legends player shared a hilarious play today, sniping an opposing Janna with Fizz’s Chum the Waters (R). And all it took was a little help from an ally Poppy.

Clip originally posted by Reddit u/Jccatcher7. | Edited by Dot Esports

Fizz and Poppy were at risk of losing their inhibitor, having a back-and-forth with the enemy Aatrox and Ashe. But both players decided to combine their ultimates to save the day, picking up a kill in the process.

After the Fizz player used their ultimate on Aatrox, Poppy followed up with Keeper’s Verdict. This knocked both Aatrox and Ashe back before they could destroy the inhibitor, taking a hungry manatee along for the ride. Unfortunately for an unsuspecting Janna, though, Fizz’s ultimate procced as soon as Aatrox and Ashe landed on her. Not only were Fizz and Poppy able to stop the push and buy time for their allies to respawn, but they also picked up a kill in the process.

This isn’t the first time the Keeper of the Hammer was used to pull off an amazing play. A Poppy and Ezreal synchronized their ultimates earlier this year, with the yordle knocking an enemy into the AD carry’s Trueshot Barrage. While the trickshot was difficult to accomplish, the two players were in perfect sync.

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