Poppy and Ezreal player synchronize ultimates to secure a unique kill

The opposing Darius had no idea what was coming for him.

League of Legends‘ public matchmaking teammates might not be renowned for their cooperative spirit–but this Ezreal and Poppy proves that there might just be hope yet.

An Ezreal player synchronized his ultimate with a Poppy teammate over voice chat to secure an outstanding and unique kill against the opposing Darius in a clip shared today.

The play began with Ezreal noticing his teammates Poppy chunking down the opposing Darius in the top lane. As per the customs, he asked his teammate for the kill to complete his item build.

While the Darius was slowly running to his tower, Ezreal asked Poppy to Keeper’s Verdict the opponent so that his Trueshot Barrage would land. With swift communication, the players synchronized their ultimates and while Darius felt safe for a brief period of time, it was abruptly stopped by Ezreal’s Barrage.

While this combo might be hard to pull off with your average solo queue teammates, with enough practice and voice communication, you too can master this forbidden technique and surprise your opponents in your League matches.

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