Here are the five new rune paths coming this preseason

Resolve, Sorcery, Precision, Domination, and Inspiration are the names of the game.

Image via Riot Games

Worlds starts this weekend, and that means the season is coming to an end. The Preseason Update will be here soon, and Runes Reforged will come along with it. As we approach launch day, Riot has revealed more and more information on the new rune system. Details on the five new rune paths were revealed yesterday, according to Riot’s post on the official game forums.

The long-awaited replacement for the current rune and mastery systems in League of Legends looks both exciting and scary on paper. It has awesome runes that throw meteors at enemies and fundamentally challenging ones that massively boost stats and provide free Flashes. Whether you’re a fan of these dramatically game-altering runes or not, one thing is certainly true—these new runes will add another deep dimension to the game that every player, old and new, will have to learn.

We’ll all have to remember what each rune does in order to know how to play with and against them in-game, and now we’re one step closer. Here are the five new rune paths and what types of runes you can expect to find within them.


Sorcery will be the mage’s best friend. Runes in this path will boost your abilities, giving them more damage and new effects, like the terrifyingly awesome Meteor rune revealed in July. In the reveal, Riot states that this path will help the user find ways to “cheat out a few extra casts,” which sounds like a cheesy strat to sling more abilities in a shorter time window. There will also be runes here that provide more resources, like mana or energy.


Resolve runes are all about beefing up yourself and your allies, as made apparent by the Guardian Soul rune, a channeled shield that you can give your allies in a pinch. Resolve runes help the player control the field and flow of battle by controlling how much damage their allies take and by determining how big of a meatshield they can be at the front line.


Precision, the third rune path, augments auto attacks with bonus effects and boosts sustainable, repeating damage, like auto attacking or spammable abilities. The most OP Precision rune revealed so far is Berserk, which provides up to 10 seconds of 60 percent boosted attack speed that can surpass the attack speed cap.


Domination runes are all about chasing down prey and burying them. These runes will boost the player’s ability to chase and will reward them for slaying victims, like the recently revealed Hunt of the Blood Moon, which gives its user a huge speed boost and bonus damage for a quick assassination.


Inspiration runes alter the way you play the game by bending the rules to your advantage. Most Inspiration runes allow you to react to certain circumstances and capitalize on game knowledge, new options, or play patterns. One, Summoner Specialist, allows you to swap out Summoner Spells in the middle of a game.