Fiddlesticks’ terrifying rework is hitting live servers in League Patch 10.7

The Ancient Fear has awakened.

Image via Riot Games

He’s finally here. Fiddlesticks’ new rework is hitting the League of Legends live servers in Patch 10.7. Although it might be April Fools’ Day tomorrow, this champion is certainly no joke when it comes to scaring everyone half to death.

The champion has been updated from his once-goofy visuals to his entire skillset. Riot Games has transformed Fiddlesticks from a funny little scarecrow to a horrifying myth-turned-reality that kills its victims without any second thoughts in its twisted, primal mind.

His visuals are straight out of a horror movie, while his sound effects and voice lines are enough to send shivers down the spines of even the bravest men. His base look and other various skins were updated to reflect a monster with only one thing on his mind: kill. Most of his quotes are taken from the last words his victims have ever said, like “Help me” or “You’re not real.”

When he interacts with specific champions, he voices out the worst fears from their own lore, like the death of Annie’s stepsister or the death of Yasuo’s brother. If he kills them, he repeats their death quote in his own raspy, screeching tone.

On Summoner’s Rift, Fiddlesticks is equally as frightening. His kit has been adjusted to fit the horror theme of his lore. Now, he can leave realistic copies of himself as wards that scare away enemies and he has a new Reap ability that slashes and silences targets in front of him. His updated Drain ability—now named Bountiful Harvest—can target multiple units at once whether they’re champions or minions.

Fiddlesticks’ ultimate remains the same as before, with players having to charge up before throwing themselves into an enemy team while crows deal AoE damage around him.

He can feel your fear. No one is safe from the scarecrow tomorrow.