Fiddlesticks can walk through walls in latest League of Legends bug


Image via Riot Games

What do you get when you cross Fiddlesticks’ character model with Kayn’s ability to walk through walls? A potentially game-breaking bug.

A League of Legends player posted a video on Reddit yesterday, showcasing the bug that allows Fiddlesticks to walk through terrain in the bot lane. The glitch sparked so much interest that players made a mission out of reproducing the anomaly.

After the player targeted the enemy Yuumi with an auto attack and Dark Wind (E), the Magical Cat flashed over the wall. But since the enemy was still being targeted by Fiddlesticks, the evil scarecrow took the shortest route possible to get in attack range—even if that meant walking through walls.

Some savvy fans have taken it upon themselves to try to replicate the glitch in League’s Practice Tool.

One player tried targeting a dummy and then spawning it on the other side of the wall simultaneously. Though this didn’t quite yield the same result, Fiddlesticks walked halfway into the wall before being spurned back out.

The difficulty in reproducing the bug may prevent players from landing it often since all the stars need to align for it to work. But it does have the potential to adversely affect matchmaking.

If the glitch becomes a problem, League developers will likely hotfix or patch it out immediately.