Fantasy LCS Winners and Losers: Week 5

Danish and South Korean players soared while our 2015 Summer Split Champions struggled to find pace, read more in our Winners and Losers for Week Five of the LCS.

Welcome to this week’s edition of fantasy winners and losers for the 2016 Summer Split. 

Winners – Denmark and South Korea

Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg: Mid Laner for Team SoloMid – 107.73 Points

For the first time since week one of the LCS, a North American player led the league in scoring. The TSM mid laner scored 107 points, and was the only player to score above one hundred, blowing out the rest of the field, and beating out the next highest scorer, his teammate, Peter “Doublelift” Peng, by 15 points. Bjergsen’s performance this past weekend was truly remarkable, ending his matches with 22 kills and 34 assists. Tack on one triple kill against Phoenix1 and his insanely low death count of two and it makes for a very nice weekend for those that started the Danish player.

Vincent “Biofrost” Wang: Support for Team Solomid – 78.47 Points

Biofrost was the top player in the first edition of my Start ‘em Sit ‘em for Week Five of the LCS, and the rookie did not disappoint for those that took my advice, as he ended the week with 44 assists, and perhaps even more spectacular, only one death. His performance really orchestrates the dominance that TSM showed this weekend with two swift 2-0s against both Phoenix1, and archrival Counter Logic Gaming. The 44 assists he brought home were good enough to be tied for fourth in that category, and then add two points for one game with over a combined 10 kills and assists, and that makes for a week that you would have no problem with if he were to repeat it.

Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen: AD Carry for G2 Esports – 87.51 Points

I put Zven in my lineup for this week, but I did so very cautiously knowing that he might encounter some issues finding points, especially against Fnatic. But a disastrous week from the aforementioned Fnatic put Zven and the rest of G2 in great position to have a field day on the Rift. The second Danish player on the list this week racked up 87 points off of a 15-2-23 KDA in his matches against Fnatic and Origen. Most of the damage was done was in the CS category, where Zven brought home 2,001, marking the fourth highest we have seen this season. They faced the gauntlet of Fnatic this week and took the punches in stride, definitely adding to people’s confidence in this squad.

Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon: Top Laner for Immortals – 77.17 Points

Huni dominated the top lane last split, but the 2016 Summer Split has not gone as well. While Immortals is still off to a very strong start, sitting in second with a 9-1 record, and their only loss being to the undefeated TSM, Huni has not found great success when looking at his performance from a fantasy aspect. In week five, he turned things around and we started to see some of the Huni from last split, and his days on Fnatic. A 12-7-31 KDA with 817 CS kills, and one game with over 10 combined kills and assists made for a week that owners of Huni were looking for from the South Korean 18-year-old.

Kim “Trick” Gang-yun: Jungler for G2 Esports – 88.72 Points

Trick is the second and final South Korean player to make the list this week. He and the rest of G2 really had a flying week with two 2-0s, and that reflects in their fantasy output. Trick led all other junglers in both kills, with 21, and in deaths, dying just three times throughout the course of the weekend. Add on his 672 CS kills, which is not a lot compared to other junglers this week, but is still very good, and it makes for a nice weekend from the G2 jungler.

Losers – 2015 Summer Split Champions

Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten: Mid Laner for Fnatic – 18.16 Points

Fnatic went into this weekend as the number one team in the EU LCS, and a team that had just recently dominated last week’s winners list, holding three out of five spots. This week, however, was much different, as Fnatic lost both of their matches against G2 and Giants 2-0, making for a nightmare week for both fans of Fnatic and the people who owned and started them in Fantasy LCS. Febiven ended the weekend with a negative kill death ratio going 4-5, and only finding 13 assists. He actually performed better in the arguably tougher matchup against the then second place, now first place team, G2, where he scored 10 points, compared to the seven points he found in the series against Giants. Is this the end of Fnatic? Absolutely not, but it is not a week you want them to repeat. It is still very early to panic about this squad, and I expect them to get back on track on next week.

Bora “Yellowstar” Kim: Support for Fnatic – 10.77 Points

Yellowstar got the worst of the Fnatic disaster that was their week five performance. Not only was he the lowest scoring player on Fnatic, but he was the lowest scoring player of the week period. With zero kills, 14 deaths, and just 11 assists, it was not a good week for the veteran. He scored just 4.46 points in the two games against G2 where he ended with 0-8-5 KDA. Other than that, there is not much to be said; just a terrible week that no one wants to see him have to repeat.

Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black: Support for Counter Logic Gaming – 27.82 Points

CLG has struggled in the beginning of this split and they had a tough weekend playing both Team SoloMid and NRG Esports. The NRG series went alright for Aphromoo, scoring 25 points off of a 1-1-16 performance. However, things turned for the worst when CLG played archrival TSM. He averaged less than one point per game and finished the series with just 1.98 points after a 0-9-4 showing in two games. Aphromoo’s performance hurts even more knowing his competing support in the TSM game, Biofrost, had a much better weekend and even made the winners list.

Darshan “Darshan” Upadhyaya: Top Laner for Counter Logic Gaming – 29.30 Points

Darshan makes the losers list for the second straight week in a row after struggling, like the rest of his team, against TSM. Starting on a slightly more positive note for CLG and Darshan, he found just over 21 points in a 2-0 sweep against NRG Esports, but unfortunately that is where their points scoring stopped. While Darshan did better than Aphromoo in the TSM game, it still was nowhere near what people were looking for when they put him in their lineup this week. He found just four kills and over double that number in deaths with 11. Those that own him hope this week will be the last week they see Darshan on this list.

William “Meteos” Hartman: Jungler for Cloud9 – 34.35 Points

Cloud9 had a very disappointing and tough week, playing and losing to both Immortals and Team Liquid. The TL match went the distance and that played into the hands of C9 as they were able to take one map win away in the first two games only scoring format. A 4-5-10 KDA in the TL match was the highlight of Meteos’ weekend as he could not find similar pace in the match against Immortals, where he ended with just a 4-7-3 KDA and his CS numbers were cut nearly in half. To top things off, he had no games with over 10 combined kills and assists, and no triple, quadra, or penta kills. All that makes for a low scoring weekend for the C9 veteran.

All images graciously provided by Riot Games via their Flickr Page.