Faker snags 4 kills with stellar Akali Teleport play in League solo queue

He's done it again.

Photo via Riot Games

T1 mid laner Faker absolutely smurfed on the opposing team in League of Legends solo queue today, snagging four kills with Akali.

The Unkillable Demon King made an impressive Teleport play during his Twitch broadcast, putting an end to the enemy’s dive with near-perfect mechanics.

Upon seeing a four-player dive in the bot lane, Faker used Teleport on the friendly tower and went headfirst into the action. While the ally AD carry was taken out, the T1 mid laner didn’t let Samira die in vain.

The opposing Kai’Sa managed to survive a couple of tower shots and an Akali ultimate thanks to a well-timed Exhaust. Faker had his attention on the enemy Senna, leaving her with a sliver of health before marking her with a Shuriken Flip (E). The pro left Senna alone to focus back on Kai’Sa, using his second ultimate charge to close the gap and finish off the ADC. Faker then immediately took the second cast of E to dive back into the action and kill Senna.

Image via Riot Games

Even though Faker was rooted, he hit Twisted Fate with a couple of Five Point Strikes (Q) to claim the triple kill. The enemy Graves used his ultimate to escape Faker’s clutches, hopping over a wall in the jungle. But the pro patiently waited for his E to come back up, jumped the wall, and chased down the Graves to grab the fourth kill.

Faker and his team went on to win the match shortly after.

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