Faker shows true potential of Viego mid in League solo queue

Faker seemingly can win his lane playing whatever champion he wants.

Photo via Riot Games

Faker pulled off an impressive outplay in a League of Legends solo queue game earlier today after picking the game’s latest jungler, Viego, in the mid lane.

In this solo queue game, Faker faced off against Cassiopeia in the mid lane. While the early game was balanced, he already had one kill and one assist 10 minutes into the game, but no first item built and his summoners were on cooldown.

Faker looked for an opportunity to engage when his bot lane used a ping to notify him that they set an ambush in the enemy jungle to gank Cassiopeia, who thought she was safely positioned near her turret.

Faker engaged using his Harrowed Path (E) while charging his Spectral Maw (W), which successfully stunned Cassiopeia, and dealt more damage using the Blade of the Ruined King (Q). Kalista and Galio followed up on his engage. Then, Faker used his ultimate to give her no chance of surviving and she died under her turret, which allowed him to possess the champion and gain his ultimate back.

This fight was just getting started, however. The enemy top laner, Aatrox, used his teleport to try to help his mid laner, even if it was already too late, and kill Kalista. Faker perfectly adapted his playstyle, using Cassiopeia’s quick skill shots to poison Aatrox and inflict massive AP damage.

He was low on HP, though. He used his ultimate again to escape, barely surviving Aatrox’s skill shots. Luckily, his teammate Gnar came to join the party in the mid lane and forced the Aatrox to move back toward his jungler Graves.

Faker could have gone back to safety, but he saw one more opportunity, even though he had low HP. He charged his W, waiting for the right moment without entering Aatrox’s range, then hit him with the stun and his Q to finish him. This enabled Faker to possess Aatrox this time. Faker showed off his impressive adaptability by performing a dive on Graves using Aatrox’s abilities with ease.

Although Faker only picked up assists in this fight, he successfully helped his teammates take down three enemy champions while showing off his mechanical skills and ability to play the game’s newest champion.

Despite being released a few weeks ago, Viego has yet to appear in the esports scene. He’s still disabled while Riot Games is looking to fix some bugs. Once he’s enabled, however, the champion will likely be picked or banned in most games.

Despite having a low win rate in ranked games of Platinum and above, and a win rate even lower as a mid laner at 47.4 percent, according to stats site League of Graphs, Viego will likely be a force to be reckoned in professional games.

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