T1 mid laner Faker reaches 1,000 games played

The T1 legend has played his 1000th game as he adds another landmark to his historic career.

Photo via Riot Games

Legendary T1 mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok has become just the second player in history to reach 1,000 games in their professional career.

Faker’s match against KT today had many implications and stakes on the line. As the three-time World Champion took his seat in the LCK Arena, he got himself ready to play the match that would decide if T1 would end the first half of the round-robin undefeated. 

In the end, Faker and T1 staved off KT Rolster in today’s series as the mid laner pulled out two of his signature champions picks in LeBlanc and Ahri. They dominated their former Telecom rivals as T1 ended the first half 9-0—and what better way to achieve such a huge milestone than to do this in your 1,000th game.

In celebration of his 1,000th match played, the T1 mid laner prepared 400 boxes of bbq fried chicken and drinks for all those in attendance to watch his match against KT.

Photo via Riot Games

Funnily enough, even though it was a grand celebration celebrating League’s version of Michael Jordan, he is not the first to achieve this feat. 

Due to player schedule and Faker’s tendency to share time with another T1 mid laner, high school classmate DRX AD Carry Deft was the first player to reach this milestone during his victory against DWG KIA yesterday. Though, all of Faker’s 1,000 games were done under one banner.

Through 669 wins and 331 losses, which accumulates to a 66.9 percent win rate. He has won nine LCK titles, two MSI victories, all paired with his three World Championship titles.

Since joining T1, formerly SKT back in 2013, Faker has become the organizations’ franchise cornerstone and has helped the esports team transcend into one of the most known esports teams in the world.

At 25-years-old, Faker is still performing at the high level he was first known for back in his earlier days. With 1,000 games and a 9-0 record in 2022 LCK Spring Split, Faker has the tools to make 2022 his year to ascend back to the top and win his fourth World Championship later this year.

For now, Faker can celebrate this milestone of longevity in a career field that lacks much of it. Then he and T1 will recalibrate and prepare for their match against Nongshim RedForce on Feb. 20 where they will look to improve their split record to 10-0.

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