Faker pulls off incredible outplay on 3 opponents with Lucian in League solo queue


Photo via Riot Games

Despite not competing in the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, Faker’s still asserting his dominance in solo queue.

The Unkillable Demon King used Lucian to outplay three opponents during today’s Twitch broadcast, bobbing and weaving his way to a double kill.

The play began when the enemy Maokai, Pyke, and Ashe closing in to surround the T1 mid laner. Faker immediately realized that the only way out of this bind would be to fight his way through his opponents.

He launched Ardent Blaze (W) at Ashe and flashed into her to close the gap, hitting a quick double auto. The enemy Pyke then revealed himself and tried to hit Faker with a Q and E to stun lock him. With amazing hindsight, Faker dashed out of the way and finished off Ashe.

Faker then set his sights on Pyke, using Exhaust on him to cut his damage. Even with Maokai rooting and knocking Faker up, he was able to dispose of Pyke effortlessly. Maokai, seeing the battle was lost, tried running away to safety. But Faker, along with the ally Ekko, eventually caught up to cut down the tree.

Despite the impressive outplay, Faker went on to lose the match with a team-high 10 kills.

Faker fans can watch the vet stream on his Twitch channel, where he’s currently live.

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