Faker hits one million subscribers on YouTube

His numbers are growing fast.

Photo via Riot Games

League of Legends’ most popular pro, Faker, just hit one million subscribers on YouTube following a trend of consistent growth on his channel over the past year. 

While professional gamers don’t always have the same sort of social media or streaming presences that personality streamers maintain, the increasing importance that organizations have put on content creation has driven them and their players to ramp up their output. 

Though the T1 player’s official YouTube channel has been active since February 2017, it started this year with just a little more than 700,000 subscribers. The influx of more than 250,000 subscribers over the past six months has been paired with an increase in his total video views on the platform as well. 

With around 86 million views at the beginning of the year, his channel has grown significantly in 2020, hitting a total of over 131 million video views. His roughly 45 million video views in just about six months represent more than one-third of the total views his channel has accrued in its lifetime.

Faker’s YouTube channel netted about 231,000 subscribers in 2019, according to Social Blade. Since that point, his channel has gained more subscribers, over 280,000, in just a little over six months. 

T1 CEO Joe Marsh has been closely monitoring Faker’s YouTube growth, but even he was surprised as how quickly the page has grown in the past half a year.

“We were just talking about plans for Faker’s YouTube channel once it hit 1m followers,” he tweeted. “Didn’t think we would hit this quick. Congrats to the UDK and we @T1LoL better get to work on something special once that plaque arrives in Seoul.”