Ezreal will get a buff today, other balancing changes may come later this week

Two days after the preseason's launch, a minor balancing change will impact Ezreal.

Image via Riot Games

The preseason has arrived in League of Legends and the devs have already noticed a change that needs to be made. For now, only Ezreal will be subject to a patch today, according to Mark Yetter, the lead gameplay designer for League.

“After one day of data, champ win rates are surprisingly stable,” Yetter said. “Biggest winner Kassadin up 2.2 percent. Biggest loser Ezreal down three percent.”

The Ezreal buff micropatch is planned for today, according to Yetter. Other balancing changes may be released this weekend or at the start of next week when the impact of the elemental dragons will be better understood by the team.

It’s unclear exactly what the specific changes to Ezreal will be in this microbuff.

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For now, the balancing team doesn’t have the most issues to resolve. The biggest problems are all of the bugs that came with the preseason patch. The game’s client and matchmaking haven’t worked properly since yesterday.

Many changes are to be expected, though, since the League preseason just started.