Ezreal and Pantheon go head-to-head in latest part of Riot’s Pulsefire short story

Enter Pantheon and the Praetorians.

Image via Riot Games

Time travel can be confusing, especially when you mess with events that have happened in the past. In the latest part of Riot Games’ “Out of Time” short story, Ezreal got a wake-up call when he traveled to a destroyed world caused by his own reckless time-traveling adventures.

Ezreal is searching for a way to replace the damaged Pulsefire core in his time travel device after having narrowly escaped Lucian in the first part of the story. During his hunt, he encounters Pulsefire Pantheon on what seems to be a war-torn world covered in destruction.

The Prodigal Explorer tried to rob Pantheon of his own Pulsefire core, but the Remembrancer began to explain how Ezreal’s actions caused this world’s downfall at the hands of the Praetorians. These emotionless, robotic conquerors appeared in multiple timelines, destroying every civilization they came across.

Ezreal has jumped around time far too many times without punishment, according to Pantheon and multiple other Remembrancers. His disregard for the paradoxes he’s caused has ruined many worlds. But sometimes, his actions have torn holes into the fabric of space and time itself.

Afterward, Pantheon revealed that the destroyed world before them used to be his homeworld. After hearing this, Ezreal hesitated for a split second and allowed the Unbreakable Spear to get the jump on him.

Ezreal still managed to avoid being captured, however. Although his suit’s AI strongly recommended they don’t jump, he had no choice but to do so.

Riot will be releasing the third part of this five-part series soon, where fans will find out which universe Ezreal has entered next.