Evolution of Cloud9

Former OGN Champion and Assistant Coach of EDG, Reapered, joins the Cloud9 roster, who along with Robin, a former LCK translator, will be bringing about significant change in coaching philosophy and mentality.

Yesterday, Cloud9 announced that Bok “Reapered” Han-gyu and Robin would join their League of Legends team for the summer split. Most well known for his top lane play on MiG and Azubu Blaze, Reapered was a part of the team that won the very first Champions title in the Spring of 2012. He later created SK Telecom T1#1, later known as SKT T1 S, going on to win IEM Cologne in late 2012. His last year of professional play was with the Jin Air Green Wings Falcons where he swapped to both the Jungle and Mid Lane before retiring from professional play in 2013.

Throughout his career as a player, Reapered was known as a flexibile and dominant player, but less well known about him was his track record as EDward Gaming’s Assistant Coach. Alongside Ji “Aaron” Xing, EDG won the 2015 LPL Spring Playoffs, Summer and Grand Finals of the Demacia Cup, and the first Mid-Season Invitational. With a wealth of in-game knowledge and a strategic mind, Reapered found himself in his element while coaching. Though the coaching staff of Cloud9 has proven it can help the team reach the international stage, it has always been faced by the double-edged sword that is being too comfortable with the players. With a proven coach that is less acquainted with the players, Cloud9 can now take the necessary next step to becoming a world caliber team.

On the other side is Robin, who most recently translated post-game interviews of Korean players for the English broadcast of OGN’s League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK). The addition of a translator to the Cloud9 staff demonstrates an ever increasing interest by the organization to improve on their infrastructure and support their foreign talent. With the help of Robin, any language barriers that would be present initially between Reapered and the players would be solved with the help of Robin’s expertise.

Sources: Aynoe
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