Evil Geniuses sweep C9 in LCS Lock In semifinals, protect perfect run

EG are one series away from the perfect LCS Lock In run.

Photo via Riot Games

Evil Geniuses asserted themselves as a top contender in the 2022 LCS season after defeating Cloud9 in the LCS Lock In semifinals and maintaining their perfect run in the competition.

Game one of EG vs. C9 was a battle between C9 jungler Blaber and EG top laner Impact after both players got ahead in the early game. EG held a slight advantage over C9 in tempo and grabbed the first three dragons of the game, resulting in a slow accumulation of 4,000 gold over C9.

EG then pressed towards the Baron at 26-minutes and killed three members of C9 before finishing the objective. Game one eventually went to EG because of their insurmountable gold lead as they pushed into the base with the Baron and killed all of C9. And game two was more or less the same story.

Blaber kicked off game two with an immediate first blood kill onto EG mid laner Jojopyun and found three kills again on Jarvan within the first 15 minutes. The game stalled out until the 26-minute mark, when EG picked off Blaber, grabbed Baron, and killed the rest of C9. 

Down 0-2, C9 found an early lead in game three through top laner Darshan’s impressive laning performance against Impact, where he solo killed the EG top laner at the 7-minute mark. C9 were up five to one in kills over EG. That advantage, however, vanished with an initial pick onto Jojopyun that turned into EG’s avenue back in the game when they killed three from C9.

The gold was nearly even with a slight 3,000 advantage in favor of C9. This time, however, EG gained mid lane priority and pushed their minion wave closer to C9’s base.

With no other choice but to fight, C9 attempted an unsuccessful engagement onto EG, when C9 support Isles failed a flash hook over the wall. EG then killed four C9 members off the back of insane damage from Danny, stealing the win from C9’s hands as they continued their dominant run in the LCS Lock In Tournament.

EG has yet to lose a single game throughout their time at the LCS Lock In Tournament. The contending team has showcased great performances from rookie Jojopyun and AD carry Danny. The AD carry in particular has shown immense improvement in his early-game laning phase, holding an 11 CS lead over C9 Zven in game two.

EG will move forward into the 2022 LCS Lock In Finals against Team Liquid, where they will look to complete their undefeated run. The two teams will compete for the championship and the $150,000 prize that comes with it on Sunday, Jan. 30, at 2:30 pm CT.

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