LCS on top: EG players first to hit Grandmaster on Korea’s notorious ranked ladder

Jojopyun, Danny, and Kaori have won the unofficial ladder race ahead of MSI 2022.

Evil Geniuses win LCS 2022 Spring title at NRG Stadium in Houston.
Photo via ESPAT Media for Riot Games

League of Legends players from all around the world have recently flown to South Korea to practice ahead of the Mid Season Invitational, which kicks off on May 10 in Busan. In addition to scrims, teams participating in the tournament have also been practicing on the ladder, which is generally considered the server with the highest average level.

Since flying to the country, three Western players have already reached the Grandmaster rank. Evil Geniuses mid laner Jojopyun, bot laner Danny, and substitute Kaori have each hit the impressive milestone. Vulcan and Inspired, the team’s support and jungler, have also reached the Master rank but have yet to complete the climb.

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After arriving in South Korea on April 29, it took EG just a week to reach Grandmaster. Although the ladder is clearly different from official competitions, this should surely spark the hopes of LCS fans ahead of MSI 2022.

The three players also showed a versatile champion pool in their ranked games, playing three or four different champions in their games, according to stats site OP.GG.

EG will play in MSI’s Group C with European representative G2 Esports and Australian squad ORDER. They will face off against G2 Esports on May 10 at 6am CT and versus ORDER the following day at 3am CT.

Since the LCL (CIS) representative couldn’t participate in this year’s MSI, the group’s format has been adjusted to a quadruple round-robin and only one team from the group will be eliminated at the end of the stage. EG are the clear favorites, alongside G2, to advance to the next stage of the tournament,