Evil Geniuses end FlyQuest’s win streak in week 7 of 2021 LCS Summer Split

Evil Geniuses have run the gambit, and now sit comfortably behind TSM and 100T.

Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games via ESPAT

In a display of sheer dominance and dedication to victory, EG defeated the new FlyQuest roster of Academy stars today and regained their confidence after a defeat to Golden Guardians yesterday. Both teams showed a new aggressive side in the LCS for the first time since their roster changes, but only one could walk away with the victory.

Jiizuke, Svenskeren, and Danny took complete control of Summoner’s Rift despite FLY’s insistence on diving their towers and maintaining lane control. An early dive onto Danny and IgNar set them back, though when FLY attempted to repeat the strategy, the EG bot duo took advantage of FLY’s misplays and came out on top.

Following a four-game win streak that has had the world talking, FLY’s new roster received their first loss, though they did not hand the game over easily. Nxi was a major selling point for FLY in this game, taking complete control of the bottom half of the map during the early and mid game. However Svenskeren’s response made it difficult for the new LCS jungler to allow his team to capitalize, therefore being forced to hand over numerous objectives.

Unfortunately for Kumo, his chance to continue outperforming other top laners in the LCS was cut short. Relegated to Ornn duty, Kumo was little more than a small obstacle that both Impact and Svenskeren made sure was not a problem. Though his initiation proved vital for FLY at points, Kumo could not compensate for the entirety of his team’s fragility.

With massive engage accompanied by the sheer burst damage of Ryze and Kai’Sa, EG take hold of a 23-15 record, now tying for third place with both Cloud9 and Team Liquid. They’ll play once more tomorrow against Dignitas to round out week 7, and look to continue showing that the Summer Split’s roster changes truly have changed the landscape of the LCS.

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