Evelynn’s new K/DA ALL OUT skin won’t have long hair because of “rig plus animation limitations”

It's decidedly not all out.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans and mains of the diva jungler will be disappointed to learn that Evelynn’s latest skin won’t be able to do justice to her fantastic splash art.

“Rig plus animation limitations” made it “not feasible to style her hair” accordingly to Evelynn’s promotional art, according to Riot Games’ skins quality assurance lead, Katey Anthony.

“This style would cause significant clipping throughout many of her animations, none which could be minimized without legendary-tier animation work—essentially new animation,” Anthony said. “We do see the discrepancy and apologize that this isn’t what you were expecting.”

This information likely indicates that Evelynn’s skin will belong to the Epic tier, costing 1,350 Riot Points instead of 1,820 for a Legendary cosmetic.

A pre-release video of the cosmetic from SkinSpotlights showed Evelynn with a side ponytail that only reached her shoulder rather than the splash art’s free-flowing, waist-length hair.

Community backlash indicates a general sense of discontentment, with many feeling the difference in art and model to be false advertising on Riot’s part. The seemingly immense priority that the developer placed on new hero Seraphine, rather than the K/DA old guard, also seems like a contentious issue for some fans.

Other cosmetic issues with the skin have also been pointed out, such as her iconic lashers lacking the signature silver and diamond theme of the ALL OUT line.

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