European Masters Spring Finals between BT Excel and Karmine Corp. hits peak of 377,000 viewers

The EU Masters didn't disappoint.

Image via Karmine Corp.

The 2021 European Masters Spring tournament has come and gone, but once again, it brought a ton of hype for League of Legends fans across the world. The event saw a huge boost in its viewership compared to last year as well, showing how the EU League scene has grown outside of the LEC.

On the final day, the championship-deciding best-of-five between BT Excel and Karmine Corp. saw a peak of 377,000 viewers, according to Esports Charts. The tournament had an average viewership of over 88,000 people and more than 7.6 million hours watched.

In comparison, the 2020 Spring European Masters only had a peak viewership of 144,000 people, with an average viewership of just over 48,000. This is a huge step up for the tournament and a great sign for a region that’s continuously grown in terms of its support for non-LEC League events. Due to this support, many young players have also made it through the pipeline from the European Regional Leagues to the LEC.

The tournament saw major region levels of popularity this season. The North American LCS, for example, had a peak viewership of 415,000 during its 2021 Spring Split finals between Cloud9 and Team Liquid.

Karmine Corp. and BT Excel put on a show for all those in attendance online, playing out four exciting games with plenty of spice thrown in. Ultimately, it was the French side that pulled off the victory.

If you’re a League fan who’s still looking to watch more competitive play, don’t worry—MSI 2021 begins next week on Thursday, May 6.

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