Fnatic beat Misfits in EU LCS third place match

Could this be a deciding factor for Fnatic's Worlds hopes?

Photo via Riot Games

The third place match for the EU LCS Spring Playoffs has come to a close—and Fnatic take the win.

Fnatic had been punished in games one and two for lack of vision in the early game. This led to Fnatic being baited into fights with Misfits under towers, when other members were waiting to pounce.

This would have been Fnatic’s undoing if Misfits were able to communicate well and capitalise on open objectives. But they never seemed to be able to decide what they wanted as a group and instead focused on getting more kills on the board.

Fnatic were always looking to play around Martin “Rekkles” Larsson throughout the series. Keeping him alive was the main priority in the teamfights and by keeping him out of harm’s way, there were able to deal a lot of damage to the Misfits lineup.

The breaking point for Misfits came in the third and final game where Fnatic were able to steal a Baron without Misfits even realizing.

In game three, Misfits were always trying to pick off members of Fnatic. But they invested too much into those kills, sometimes sending their entire team to a lane. This allowed Fnatic to answer back to these plays by taking huge objectives like towers and dragons to expand their lead.

Misfits looked like a defeated team throughout the series, and seemed disinterested in going for a win or a result in the later stages of the games. They fell off from the game so easily and didn’t seem prepared to contest any objective Fnatic looked to take.

The final game for the spring season in the EU LCS is between G2 Esports and Unicorns of Love on April 23. The winner will represent Europe at the Mid-Season Invitational in Brazil from April 28 onwards and take the Spring Split title.