EU LCS – Fantasy Studs & Duds: Week 1 (Spring 2015)

EU Week 1 Studs Top Lane – FNC Huni Points: 68.

EU Week 1 Studs

Fnatic Team

Top Lane – FNC Huni
Points: 68.41
KDA: 11/0/26
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: Lissandra/Rumble

Even though Huni’s sample size is small in competitive play, the level of comfort and skill that he displayed alongside Fnatic’s jungler, Reignover, was at an elite level, especially on Rumble as he nailed ultimate after ultimate in choke points as H2K continually forced sub-optimal engages in the jungle. If he is available in your league, he is worth a pick up as he provide a viable flex option (or even a starter top laner if your top starter is slacking) in the coming weeks.

Honorable mentions: GIA Werlyb (50.35 pts)

Jungle – SK Svenskeren
Points: 40.27
KDA: 6/6/18
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: Jarvan IV (both games)

A proven jungler in the past splits, he has the experience at the highest levels of competitive play and a key component of SK Gaming’s winning strategy, Svenskeren proved himself to be a worthy of the starting spot on your roster. He is owned in most leagues but if for some reason he is available, he is definitely worth a pick up for the remainder of the split.

Honorable mentions: FNC Reignover (57.17 pts)

Mid – FNC Febiven
Points: 68.39
KDA: 13/2/23
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: Xerath/Zed

Fnatic’s impressive 2-0 in Week 1 comes off of the back of their mid laner, Febiven, who racked up an amazing 68.39 points against Froggen and Ryu in the mid lane. However, this should be taken with a grain of salt as Froggen’s Lulu play was unimpressive to put it lightly and the same issue of a small sample size in competitive play as Huni applies here. Week 2 does seem to be a decent match up for Febiven as Nukeduck and NiQ were underwhelming in their Week 1 performances and he very well may carry Fnatic to another set of wins.

Honorable mentions: EL Froggen (37.95 pts) & GIA PePiiNeRO (38.46 pts)

Points: 44.69
KDA: 8/0/11
3K/4K/5K: 2/0/0
Champs: Lucian/Graves

SK’s new AD Carry, FORG1VENGRE, is considered the second best ADC in Europe behind Elements’ Rekkles and in Week 1, he proved himself to be the second best in fantasy but behind Fnatic’s Steelback. FORG1VENGRE is considered the stud simply because he performed up to the expectations of most fans and analysts with his calculated aggressive play on Lucian and Graves. He also possesses the ability for big plays as he scored a pair of triple kills this week while Steelback scored none.

Honorable mentions: FNC Steelback (68.41 pts)

Support – FNC YellOwStaR
Points: 57.11
KDA: 4/4/31
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: Annie (both games)

The only remaining member of last year’s roster that attended World’s, YellOwStaR’s veteran status and shot calling helped Fnatic go 2-0 in Week 1. His roaming and aggressive Annie play allowed Steelback to get fed and put out a consistent amount of damage. If he continues being this aggressive, he is sure to pick up wins for FNC in the future alongside a load of points as long as he stacks a ton of assists.

Honorable mentions: SK nRated (34.03 pts)

Team – SK Gaming
Points: 38.00
First Blood: 2/2
Dragons: 9
Barons: 2
Turrets: 17
Win: 2/2
Fast Win: 0/2

SK Gaming’s objective control in both games was impressive and one of the few teams that plays as a team throughout the game rather than just at team fights. Fnatic was just as dominant as they took every turret in both games but lacked Dragon control. Both teams are worth starting next week as they both face an underwhelming Gambit team that still needs to work on coordination.

Honorable mentions: Giants Gaming (39.00 pts) & Fnatic (36.00 pts)

EU Week 1 Duds

Gambit Logo

Top Lane – EL Wickd
Points: 12.69
KDA: 4/13/5
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: Irelia/Gnar

An uninspiring start to the 2015 season, Elements’ Wickd scored under 13 points for the week on Irelia and Gnar. 11 of the 13 deaths for Week 1 came at the hands of Fnatic’s dominant performance in the opening match of the season. Wickd owners should not fear as he will bounce back in future games.

Jungle – GMB Diamond
Points: 15.06
KDA: 2/9/9
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: Lee Sin/Jarvan IV

With new faces in the ADC and Top roles, Diamond still needs to improve his overall synergy with his teammates. And with his Week 2 matchup against SK and Fnatic, you would be better off finding another starting jungler, especially with Reignover and Fr3deric being available in most leagues.

Mid – H2K Ryu
Points: 23.47
KDA: 5/8/8|
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: Kassadin/Lulu

A highly regarded mid laner from more than a year ago and on the losing side of the infamous Zed vs. Zed duel with Faker, Ryu has dropped in effectiveness in lane and his playmaking abilities. He is a stable mid laner but in fantasy, especially in a 4 or 6 person league, he’s not worth of a starting spot next week as they face a hungry GIANTS team trying to show that they belong in the LCS and a winless MYM team that’s hungry for their first win. If you need a better reliable mid, PePiiNeRO or Soren might be better options as they allow their games to linger on, which adds free fantasy points.

AD – MYM MrRalleZ
Points: 15.18
KDA: 3/3/3
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: Graves/Sivir

With no real presence set by the remainder of his team during their games, MrRalleZ was just as nonexistent in his first games of the season. He is in the lower echelon of AD carries in terms of fantasy simply because the mid laner and jungler do not command attention from opposition. This allows their only real carries, MrRalleZ and Mimer, to be heavily focused after the mid lane gets shut down. If you need an ADC to give you consistent points, Freeze, Steelback and P1noy might offer more reliability than MrRalleZ as they drag their games out longer for more points.

Support – H2K Voidle
Points: 14.24
KDA: 0/6/11
3K/4K/5K: 0/0/0
Champs: Janna/Leona

As a support on a team that won’t have a consistent winning streak, Voidle was just unable to put up great fantasy points and most likely won’t change in the future.

Team – Gambit Gaming
Points: 10.00
First Blood: 0/2
Dragons: 2
Barons: 1
Turrets: 6
Win: 0/2
Fast Win: 0/2

After terrible performances in Week 1 as a team and showing they are not comfortable with each other yet, Gambit’s team needs to be in free agency for fantasy until they prove otherwise. If you need a reliable team from EU LCS, the Copenhagen Wolves and Unicorns of Love may provide the middle of the pack set of points but they can provide it consistently.