End of an era: LoL fans left devastated by TSM’s exit from the LCS


Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

TSM is officially leaving the LCS for another region to pursue their dreams of winning the League of Legends World Championship, and pros and fans alike are devastated at the end of an era.

TSM began competing in League in the very first Riot Season One Championship in 2011, and since then, the org has become a fan favorite for many LCS fans.

However, after years of setbacks and failing to reach the World Championship stage, the org has reportedly traded its LCS spot to Shopify Rebellion for $10 million to pursue its dreams in another top region, and fans are devastated.

The news has, unsurprisingly, left many League fans devastated. Some have suggested they’ll stop watching the esport, while others are simple in shock or mourning.

Many gaming fans said they first fell in love with League and its esport through TSM and have many happy memories of the team since its inception 11 years ago. In some cases, they said, they’ve been die-hard fans since day one; this news is so devastating the LCS may be at risk of losing some viewers over the org’s exit, others suggested.

TSM’s split from the North American competition isn’t exactly new news. The org did announce in May 2023 that it would be leaving, but at the time there was no clear date or day for when the split would eventually happen.

Mourning fans do have one question now the heavyweight team has turned its back on the United States league: where is TSM going to go from here?

In an interview in May, TSM’s chief executive and founder Andy Dinh mentioned they’ve already started transitioning to another tier-one region. Although it may seem sudden to fans, it’s been on their agenda for the past three years.

Some speculated that TSM will move to the Chinese LPL, but most TSM fans declared they don’t care where the team ends up because they’ll support them regardless.


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