Elyoya: ‘I agree with Inspired. Playing jungle in solo queue is quite frustrating because the game is not fair’

More professional junglers are chiming in on the solo queue vs. competitive discussion.

Photo via Riot Games

Rogue jungler Inspired shared in an interview with Hotspawn last week that he believes practicing League of Legends solo queue on the European server is inefficient since it teaches bad habits. Unlike competitive play where junglers can easily farm and create controlled opportunities to gank, in solo queue, he feels that he needs to constantly gank lanes since he keeps getting pinged by everyone to assist them. As a result, the 19-year-old jungler spends his time watching VODs of the LPL and LCK instead to learn from the best players in the world.

While some League fans felt this was strange to hear from a competitive player who wants to be the best, he’s not the only one who holds this belief. In a recent interview with content creator Fernando Cardenete, Elyoya shared the same thought when asked about his opinion regarding watching VODs or playing solo queue.

“I agree with Inspired. Playing solo queue is good to keep your mechanics polished, but you don’t learn much in the jungle because your top laner is not going to respect the gank at the third minute coming from the other jungler,” he said, as translated by Dot Esports. “It’s the most obvious gank that he doesn’t respect and so the game becomes unfair at that point. As a jungler, you might force two-vs-two fights, but you’re most likely going to lose them.”

One of the biggest differences between competitive play and solo queue is that players are more reckless when there’s nothing at stake aside from some LP. Solo queue players give up easier and take a lot of risks without giving respect to the opposing jungler, who might be ready to react to aggressive plays.

In competitive play where pros pay attention to timers and jungle pathing, the gameplay is much more calculated. Junglers have the ability to use their time to think about their next moves without getting spam pinged to assist a lane or threatened by their teammate who will leave the match if he doesn’t get a gank.

One of the things that could fix this problem would be if solo queue had voice communication to give players a way to mirror competitive play without having to rely on third-party software to talk to their teammates. Riot Games has already implemented this in other games such as VALORANT, so it’s unclear what’s stoping the devs from adding it to League as well to improve the solo queue system.

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