EG Vulcan: ‘Zven was always the kind of teammate that can work well with a bunch of different players’

Vulcan has high praise for his former lane partner venturing to a new role.

Zven playing League of Legends for Cloud9.
Image via ESPAT Media for Riot Games

Evil Geniuses’ League of Legends support Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme is more than ready to face off against a former teammate of his, this time in direct support competition.

Dot Esports had the chance to talk with Vulcan following EG’s victory over Cloud9 to begin the 2022 Summer Split. Vulcan, after departing from C9 at the end of last year, helped EG progress through their most successful split in their LCS tenure, winning the Spring Playoffs and representing North America at MSI.

C9 were unable to field their main roster today due to visa issues, but intend to bring Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen back to the main roster after time on the Academy team, this time in the support role. He will be accompanied by ADC Berserker, who debuted with the team in the Spring Split, giving Zven a taste of a new teammate and a new role all at once. Vulcan is confident Zven will have little issues adjusting to the team, as the two once dominated the LCS from the moment they began playing together.

“The best support players are those that played ADC in the past; that’s where I come from too,” Vulcan said. “I think it’s just about how well he can click with his team. But I think Zven was always the kind of teammate that can work easily with a bunch of different players so, in my mind, it won’t be an issue.”

Zven’s recent results back Vulcan’s statements up. After being a staple member of C9’s main roster for multiple splits since his debut with the team in 2020, he was placed on the Academy roster during this year’s Spring Split to make way for the debuts of Berserker and Winsome. During that time, Zven worked with the C9 Academy team, consisting of multiple players he had never performed professionally with, to earn a second-place finish in the regular Academy season and head to the quarter finals of Proving Grounds.

Zven will now return to playing with Fudge and Blaber, while he will compete with Jensen for the first time on the same team.

“Zven is very good mechanically, and I think he’ll be able to play support [champions] no doubt,” Vulcan said. “There’s definitely a learning curve though in the support role. There’s a lot of small things you have to know. I expect him to not be very good out the gate…but I think he can be quite good.”

Vulcan will have to wait until the final match of the Summer Split on August 14 to get a chance to compete against his former teammate. In the meantime, the reigning LCS champions will look to continue their forward momentum from the Spring Playoffs, MSI, and day one of the Summer Split against 100 Thieves tomorrow.

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