EG outlast Dignitas in 45-minute slow burn to open week 2 of 2022 LCS Spring Split

EG and Dignitas combined for just 11 total kills in one of pro League's most slow-moving games of the year.

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via ESPAT/Riot Games

The second week of the 2022 LCS Spring Split began on a quieter note, with Evil Geniuses and Dignitas playing a farm-heavy, objective-focused game for 45 minutes before Evil Geniuses won one of the least explosive games of professional League of Legends in 2022. 

Across the 10 games played during week one of the 2022 LCS Spring Split, teams had collected an average of 23 kills per game, according to League stats site Games of Legends. In today’s contest between EG and Dignitas, 11 kills were picked up across both teams in one of the longest games of the season thus far. 

Dignitas’ mid laner Blue, who led his team with two kills, took control of Ahri as his pick today, selecting the champion for just the second time in his professional career. With a pick rate under one percent in major regions dating back to 2018, Ahri is one of the least-contested champions in the modern mid lane meta, according to Games of Legends

However, after a recent rework to the character in Patch 12.3, Ahri’s overall presence in drafts across the world could continue to increase. Rogue mid laner Larssen selected the champion earlier this week in a loss to Astralis to mark her first pick of 2022.

Dignitas would use some early-game momentum accumulated by two early picks from Blue’s Ahri to mount a massive lead moving into the mid-game. At 15 minutes, Dignitas posted a lead of nearly 4,000 gold. Their slow-mounting gold lead eventually took Dignitas into the late game, but multiple failures to secure a Mountain Soul, in addition to a last-chance base race gone wrong, eventually sealed Dignitas’ fate and handed EG a long-fought victory. 

By the time the final teamfight broke out just outside Dignitas’ base, more dragons had been taken than kills had been earned across both teams. A lack of decision-making abilities in the later portions of the game from Dignitas resulted in them squandering the gold lead they built early on, allowing Evil Geniuses to tie them in the standings with records of 2-1. 

Evil Geniuses will attempt to break down another undefeated team in 100 Thieves tomorrow, while Dignitas are scheduled to close out week two of the LCS Spring Split with a game against CLG.

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