EG execute deathless game over TSM to start week four of 2022 LCS Summer Split

The reigning champions continue their reign of dominance.

Danny in Evil Geniuses jersey on stage for LCS finals.
Image via ESPAT Media for Riot Games

A zero-death game is just one of many honors Evil Geniuses have achieved this year.

EG advanced to a momentary uncontested first place in the 2022 LCS Summer Split after defeating TSM, denying the opposing team even a single kill. While TSM sought any opening they could find to gain a hold on the game, the current reigning LCS champions’ teamwork proved too much for them to handle.

To maintain their first-place status, EG had to overcome a redefined TSM that had made clear adjustments to their communication since the Spring Split. Within the first ten minutes of the game, EG welcomed TSM’s new mid laner Maple and supported Mia to the LCS with a barrage of pressure, winning lanes that, on paper, were more evenly matched.

Luckily for TSM, as EG continued to focus on kills, they placed their fullest attention on objectives. Two Rift Heralds and a drake were enough to diminish the massive gold lead in EG’s favor to only around 2,000 gold and allowed them to strengthen their arsenals.

Spica thought that he had successfully caught Danny and Vulcan as they walked into mid lane, leading him to use his Flash and ultimate on targets that successfully got away—only to follow them deep into enemy territory. The rest of TSM sought to avenge their fallen teammate, though they succumbed to a similar Viego-reset fate from Inspired, leaving all EG members standing.

As EG pressed onwards into the enemy base through the bot lane, TSM threw three ultimates straight through the LCS champions. After just 26 minutes, EG earned an uncontested spot in the first place while never giving TSM even a single kill.

While the beginning of TSM’s run through the Summer Split had the team staring at the top of the standings, it was a shocking victory over Team Liquid last week that gave fans the hope that this team would not repeat their struggles of the Spring Split. Even in their losses, TSM expressed a clear trust in their synergy, allowing them to contend with each team they’ve fought. They will continue their Summer Split run tomorrow against Dignitas.

Though EG is currently alone in first place, CLG and Team Liquid have yet to play today, who they were previously tied for first. EG will end week three of the 2022 LCS Summer Split against Golden Guardians.