EDward Gaming players hint at preferred champions for 2021 Worlds skins

The EDG players aren't entirely sure which champions they'll select, but they have a solid idea.

Image via Riot Games

Earlier today, EDward Gaming captured the 2021 League of Legends World Championship with a dramatic victory over defending champions DWG KIA. After hoisting the Summoner’s Cup for the first time in the team’s history, EDward Gaming will have the chance to commemorate their victory in the 2021 World Championship with a set of skins that represent their team’s colors in the game.

Worlds skins are a tradition in League of Legends, with the game’s 11 championship teams all having their title runs (and the champions they played during them) celebrated in League. After their win against DWG KIA, EDward Gaming took time in the post-match press conference to reveal which champions they might select to honor this year’s world title with a skin.

Here are some of the champions EDG may pick, according to the players. 

Flandre: Graves or Jayce

Image via Riot Games

Flandre has either Graves or Jayce in mind for his Worlds skin. Of the 21 games EDG played at Worlds, Flandre played Graves in 11, and Jayce in another five. 

Jiejie: “One that represents him”

Image via Riot Games

Jiejie kept his answer largely under wraps during the post-match press conference. He said he’d like to choose a champion that “represents him” for his Worlds skin. At Worlds, his most played champions were Jarvan IV and Xin Zhao, which could be early contenders.

Scout: “One he used in the final

Image via Riot Games

Scout, the Worlds Finals MVP, didn’t give a clear answer as to which champion he would select for his Worlds skin, but he did mention he’d like his skin to be dedicated to a champion he used in today’s grand final. That leaves Ryze, LeBlanc, Twisted Fate, and Zoe on the board. 

Viper: Ezreal, Aphelios, or Lucian

Image via Riot Games

Viper narrowed his choice for a Worlds skin down to three options: Ezreal, Aphelios, and Lucian. He played all three of those champions on at least three occasions during the World Championship. 

Meiko: Lulu, Yuumi, or Nami

Image via Riot Games

Meiko also had three choices in mind when revealing his picks for a potential Worlds skin. The longtime EDG support plans to select Lulu, Yuumi, or Nami. All three enchanter supports were played four times apiece by Meiko at Worlds.

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