EDward Gaming make quick work of Ultra Prime, climb to first place in 2021 LPL Summer Split standings

They overtook LNG and are making a claim for the LPL title.

Photo via Riot Games

EDward Gaming picked up a quick 2-0 series win over Ultra Prime, climbing to first place in the 2021 LPL Summer Split standings in the process.

All odds were against UP going into the series, who are struggling to pick up wins. EDG demolished them in both games, leaving no room for errors. The MVP votes were picked up by AD carry Viper and jungle Jiejie. Both players had a formidable series, showcasing four unique picks.

Both games opened up with passive play from both teams. EDG then began to go for early game skirmishes once their members had access to all basic abilities, coming up on top of their enemies most of the time. With these small leads, they picked up Rift Heralds alongside the drakes, before grouping up to push. Both games ended after EDG picked up the Baron and went to siege UP, who had no hope of stopping the incoming offense.

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Even though UP tried to go for a couple of fights to have a shot at winning a game, it didn’t matter in the end. They could only watch while their opponents demolished them and closed out this series 2-0.

EDG (7-0) will be back on the Rift on Sunday with a match against Top Esports (2-2). EDG should have no issues taking down the 2020 LPL Spring Split champions and extend their win streak to eight games.

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