EDward Gaming exorcise their demons, win first World Championship in organization’s history over DWG KIA

EDG fans are probably saying, "It's about damn time."

Photo via Riot Games/Getty Images

After a month of exciting League of Legends action, the 2021 World Championship has crowned its kings. They needed five hard-fought games against Korea’s juggernauts in DWG KIA, but EDward Gaming have fulfilled their dreams and finally taken home the Summoner’s Cup.

Fans and analysts were already talking about this series like the outcome was decided. DWG KIA were dominant throughout their run at Worlds, and not a lot of people expected any drastic upsets. EDG, on the other hand, were coming in as an underdog. Their fans were already over the moon that they got past the quarterfinals, but they may not have guessed this team would be battling in the finals against Korea’s top superteam.

This series was a true battle of attrition, with both teams fighting furiously for control. Each side played with a good amount of patience throughout the five games, evidenced by how the victories went back-and-forth between them. It all came down to a final match, where EDG continuously found smart picks around the map and outplayed DWG KIA in the teamfights.

EDG’s longtime mid laner Scout was a carry for his team throughout the five games, especially in the final two. He dominated the last two matchups with Zoe, taking advantage of great poke and pinpoint precision with his sleep bubbles and Paddlestars. At the end of the series, Scout received the series MVP award for his efforts, but his teammates were also critical for success.

Looking at the rest of the storylines, DWG KIA’s path to greatness has been stymied stunningly. They failed to continue their dominance at MSI 2021 and now, they’ve been denied back-to-back Worlds titles, a feat that would have definitely placed them in the conversation among the best teams in League history. It’s also an ending for Khan’s career considering the pro is retiring after this season.

Although Worlds has ended, the action will continue outside Summoner’s Rift, where teams will begin rebuilding their dynasties when the League free agency period begins later this month.

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