EDG’s Viper is the 2021 LPL Spring Split MVP

The 20-year old ADC has been regarded as one of the best players this split.

Photo via Riot Games

With the LPL 2021 Spring Split regular season finished, end-of-season awards are being granted to its players. After the All-Pro teams were decided, the Spring Split MVP was also awarded today.

EDG’s Viper is the regular season MVP and “rookie” of the split, according to Korizon Esports’ Kevin Kim. While the first award is fair after his performances throughout the split, helping his team secure a second-place finish in the regular season, the second one feels out of place. Viper has reached the League of Legends world championship before, but since it’s his first split in the LPL, he is considered a rookie.

Viper helped EDG secure multiple wins, even when they were thousands of gold behind. He is not a player who pads his stats and always follows up his team’s calls and engages. Pluss, he boasts one of the lowest amount of average deaths in the 2021 LPL Spring Split according to Oracle’s Elixir, placing favorably in other important stats. He is playing his role perfectly, and is the backbone of EDG’s stellar performances.

You can catch Viper and his teammates in action during the playoffs beginmomg tomorrow. EDG will be facing the victors of the third round in the king of the hill format on April 8.

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