Earn icons, emotes, and Hextech chests by completing Watch Missions this League esports season

Get your popcorn ready.

Image via Riot Games

As the League of Legends esports season kicks off, fans can enjoy the action while earning a little something for themselves—Watch Missions are back.

Riot Games revealed the five exclusive rewards players can earn from watching League esports this season in today’s Nexus post. Fans can earn icons, blue essence, an emote, and a Hextech chest and key up until May 9.

Image via Riot Games

Watch Missions are separated into five separate mission chains, which each require you to watch a specific amount of League matches. The first Watch Mission, “New Season, New Rivals,” is completed after watching two regular season games and earns you the Surf n’ Urf Summoner Icon. Those two watched games don’t count toward the next mission, which asks you to watch another four matches (six total) for the NOT AGAIN Emote.

Loyal fans might be wondering if a special reward will be doled out to those who watch tons of League matches this season. Well, it depends on how you define “special.”

Image via Riot Games

Watching 90 games will earn you the Blown Away Summoner Icon, which features everybody’s favorite Yordle donning a foam Riot finger and vegging out.

A match will only be counted toward mission completion after the 10-minute mark. Rebroadcasts won’t earn you rewards, so either tune in live or rewatch VODs from the split.