DWG KIA end first week of 2021 LCK Spring Split undefeated after taking down Nongshim RedForce

Both solo laners showed up huge today, winning the MVP votes.

Photo via Riot Games

DWG KIA beat Nongshim RedForce in a clean 2-0 sweep today to close out the first week of the 2021 LCK Spring Split undefeated.

Going into this League of Legends match, DK were highly favored considering their performance in the series against T1 a couple of days ago. They showed remarkable fortitude in that series, quickly adjusting their tactics throughout the games. NS, formerly known as Team Dynamics, were clearly outmatched in all lanes and lost both games in under 30-minutes.

The series began with a hype matchup in the top lane between Rich’s Aatrox and Khan’s Gnar. After recent buffs to both champions, top laners across all regions have put high priority on these two picks. Khan displayed masterful mechanics of the champion, nullifying any gank attempts from the NS squad and serving as the frontline his team needed.

With the top lane won, DK funneled resources into securing Rift Heralds to increase their gold lead. With a superb display of macro, DK secured multiple tower plates alongside the early dragons. The 2020 League of Legends world champions left no room for errors, taking away all the neutral objectives in calculated fashion. Following 28 minutes of dominance, DK finished the first game with a combined KDA of 18/5/48 with ShowMaker securing the MVP vote on Lucian.

Going into the second game, NS banned out the Lucian which proved to be troublesome in the first game. DK quickly adapted by picking Syndra instead. Khan got his hands on Gnar once again, but this time he was matched up against Rich’s Renekton.

The second game looked a bit different with NS going for some early game skirmishes, but DK kept coming out ahead from each one. This allowed the world champs to achieve an item lead during the mid game and funnel resources into the neutral objectives once again. NS were slowly starved of gold and experience before falling to DK in a teamfight after a 28-minute Baron play. Khan’s Gnar, which did around 80 percent of the opponents’ total damage to champions picked up the second game MVP.

Screengrab via LCK

DK have two easy matchups next week against Fredit Brion on Thursday, Jan. 21 at 5am CT and Afreeca Freecs on Saturday, Jan. 23 at 2am CT. If they win both matches, they’ll most likely end up leading the 2021 LCK Spring Split standings at the end of the second week.

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