Dragon hilariously propels League player out of the map for over 10 seconds

It happened again.

Teamfight Tactics Jax
Image via Riot Games

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s… Jax?

A League of Legends player encountered one of the MOBA’s funnier bugs last night, posting a video that shows them skyrocketing off the Rift.

When any dragon is first attacked, it flies upward and knocks up nearby players or wards. While that typically only lasts a second, this Cloud Drake sent Jax into another galaxy.

After the ally Thresh attacked the dragon, Jax used Leap Strike (Q) to jump into the pit. But the player leaped onto the drake at the precise moment that the beast shot up, propelling him ever upward for over 10 seconds. Fortunately for their team, the opposing squad wasn’t nearby.

This isn’t the first time a League player has been shot off the map. CLG jungler Broxah was sent to space by an enemy Rek’Sai’s knock-up in a solo queue game last year, giving the player a whole lot of hang time.

It’s unclear exactly what causes this bug, but it seems to involve very specific timing with knock-ups.

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