Dragon bug sends Lee Sin into the stratosphere in League of Legends

Well, that was unexpected.

We understand that season 10 junglers are avoiding dragons at the best of times in League of Legends, but we had no idea this Lee Sin detested dragons that much.

What seemed like a routine rotation from a bot lane gank to the dragon pit turned sideways earlier all thanks to a bugged Mountain Drake. The Dragon—obviously fearing its death—faced an incoming Lee Sin after taking aggro and yeeted the jungler into space, thus removing the threat of death and staying alive for a few seconds longer.

What appears to have caused this bug is a mix of Lee Sin’s Q colliding with the Dragon’s ability to knock players away. We imagine that both of these instances caused the Lee Sin to fly up into space, removing him from the map entirely.

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It appears as though Lee Sin is still on the map though, as is evident by the dragon attacking the area Lee Sin zoomed into space from, so perhaps he made it back into the game after all.