Riot makes changes to Eternals following widespread complaints, will no longer be RP-only

Your voices have been heard.

Image via Riot Games

After the entire League of Legends community voiced its complaints, Riot Games has revealed that Eternals will now be available for purchase with Blue Essence throughout the year as well as RP.

Last year, Eternals was introduced as a new cosmetic that lets League players showcase their accomplishments, counting both unique and general gameplay milestones for each individual champion. During games, players will see milestone pop-ups as they reach statistical checkpoints for that Eternal. Eternals could also be seen on a champion’s loading card and on enemy death screens.

But Riot also announced that these Eternals would only be attainable by using RP. Common sets were going to be priced at 225 RP each, while also being sold in the Essence Emporium twice a year at 3,500 BE. Unique champion sets were more expensive, priced at 590 RP.

The backlash was instant. Many people were up in arms about the horrible price points, but most of the player base was angry that these achievements cost money in the first place. It looked like a straight cash grab to the entire community and many people vowed to avoid Eternals like the plague.

Along with the price change, Riot is also adding Eternals that can be earned via ranked splits. This way, players are also getting free Eternals based on their dedication to the game, rather than the size of their wallet.

This new feature will be available for purchase later this year.