Dr. Mundo made a not so graceful reappearance in the NA LCS

Don't expect to see Dr. Mundo in another competitive match any time soon.

Image via Riot Games

Dr. Mundo found his way back into competitive League of Legends earlier today in the NA LCS Regional Qualifier semifinal. Unfortunately for CLG, his return didn’t go so well.

Dr. Mundo came out of left field, as the champion surprisingly was CLG’s last pick in game one of their match against FlyQuest. Paired with a mid lane Fiora, Dr. Mundo definitely wasn’t the most optimal pick for CLG.

As one of the oldest League champions, Dr. Mundo used to be a fearsome top laner. Equipped with a massive health regeneration ultimate and inherently tanky stats, Dr. Mundo once was one of the best top lane tanks.

Unfortunately for the champion, his reign in the top lane has since ended. Now seldom seen in competitive play, Dr. Mundo has become a much weaker champion with the introduction of Executioner’s Calling. This item basically made Dr. Mundo obsolete because it applies grievous wounds, a debuff which reduces all healing by 40 percent. One proc of grievous wounds, and Dr. Mundo’s massive self-healing becomes null and void.

As soon as game one started, CLG were on a timer. If Dr. Mundo was going to become a valuable asset, he needed to snowball. But an early death in the top lane crushed any hopes CLG had of this Dr. Mundo pick.

As a champion without any form of crowd control, Dr. Mundo was useless in teamfights. He was unable to be CLG’s shield in fear of having his health shredded by FlyQuest’s AD Carry Jason “WildTurtle” Tranwho had built an Executioner’s Calling.

CLG, who lost game one quickly, shelved the Dr. Mundo for the remainder of the series. CLG’s return to in-meta top laners like Cho’Gath allowed the 2016 Spring Split champions to come back and win the series against FlyQuest.

After this poor showing from the purple giant, don’t expect Dr. Mundo to make a formal return to the top lane meta until the grievous wounds debuff is nerfed.