Doublelift reportedly may not play for TSM if SwordArt deal falls through

This deal puts several other roster moves in limbo.

Photo via Riot Games

North American bot laner Doublelift may leave TSM if he doesn’t play alongside a “top foreign support,” according to Jacob Wolf. 

Doublelift, one of the best AD carries in NA League of Legends, could end his time at TSM if he doesn’t play with former Suning player SwordArt, or another top foreign support, Wolf said. In this scenario, TSM could promote 21-year old Academy player Lawrence “Lost” Sze Yuy Hui to the starting ADC position. 

The SwordArt deal, which was originally reported by Pablo Suárez of Esportmaníacos on Nov. 16, could fall through to payment and immigration issues. The absence of a tax treaty between the United States and China could double tax SwordArt on his TSM salary, Wolf said

This would leave other rosters in limbo. Fellow North American organization Evil Geniuses seek to acquire Lost from TSM academy while former Worlds 2017 finalist Huni could join TSM as the team’s new top laner to replace BrokenBlade. These two roster moves are in danger because Doublelift’s future, and TSM’s future, rests heavily on the acquisition of SwordArt. 

SwordArt, who was originally part of the fabled Flash Wolves roster from 2013 to 2018, was integral to the success of Suning at the World Championships earlier this year.