Don’t worry, Riot knows about emotes disappearing in ARAMs

A fix is in the works.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends isn’t exactly known for being bug-free. In fact, it’s pretty damn buggy, whether you’re looking at champions specifically or the game client as a whole. One of the most recent and most complained-about major bugs that’s been plaguing a major portion of the player-base is finally on Riot’s radar, according to one Riot staffer’s comments in the official game forums.

The bug in question? Disappearing emotes in ARAMs. No, it’s not exactly game-breaking. But ARAMs are where we go to blow off steam, like the steam you built up from that time you fed your lane eight kills in six minutes and then were reminded how bad you were from your teammates. Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh, right, ARAM bugs. It’s impossible to really, truly blow off steam if you can’t spam your collection of emotes every time you die or get a kill on Howling Abyss, so, naturally, this seemingly minor bug has been very frustrating to the community.

Judging from Riot’s response, it’s just as frustrating to the team of people trying to track the bug down and squash it. It’s sporadic and unreliable, and Riot can’t seem to figure out the common denominator that triggers it. That being said, it’s incredibly difficult to pin down, but that doesn’t mean the team isn’t working on it.

To help out, Riot is trying to employ some new types of in-depth logs and tracking systems, in hopes that it’ll reveal the cause. For those of you not familiar with software or games testing, the first step to fixing any bug is figuring out what causes it by replicating it, so this is a crucial step for Riot to take.

Unfortunately, though, that also means we’re probably a ways off from seeing a fix implemented. Riot won’t have an idea of how long it will take to fix until it knows what the issue actually is. It could take weeks, months—we’re not sure. The good news is, however, that there are at least top men working on it right now. Top. Men.