Someone documented all of the major bugs in the League client


Image via Riot Games

The same person that published thorough lists of bugs in League of Legends and its game client last year returned to Reddit yesterday with another list.

Naerlyn, the poster, shared the original list of bugs around the time that the new client officially launched and the legacy client was retired last year. Now, about a year later, they’re still not happy with how things are going, and they’ve written up another long list of issues.

With almost 4,000 upvotes, it reached the top page of the League Reddit community within hours yesterday as players joined in with comments of more issues, bugs, complaints, and frustrations with the client.

It’s worth pointing out, however, that many of these comments, including at least a sizable portion of the original post, aren’t actually bugs at all, despite being advertised as such. They’re simply improvements or features that these particular players feel are lacking, including complaints surrounding clubs, stats, and even chat rooms.

Others are actual bugs, however, and a lot of them are quite common. Naerlyn pointed out several of the most frequent, such as hitting Accept when a queue triggers, only to be returned to your lobby 15 to 20 seconds later with an error message stating you didn’t accept, as well as failed champion selections during the pregame screen.

They detailed several rarer bugs, too, such as pieces of the client resetting seemingly at random and lists only loading partially. Naerlyn has developed a reputation in the League Reddit community for typing out these lists of bugs in a more consumer-friendly manner than typical software bug reports, which can be exceedingly complicated to read.

Riot hasn’t yet responded to Naerlyn’s post, but it’s likely the company will comment or reach out privately, as several Riot staffers replied last year on the first client bug post. If you find a bug that Naerlyn missed, you can report it directly through the game client using the “Report a Bug” icon in the bottom right corner.