Doinb leads FunPlus Phoenix to a dominant win over RNG in 2021 LPL Summer Split

His Lee Sin and Kled picks were crucial in securing this victory.

Photo via Riot Games

FunPlus Phoenix picked up a dominant 2-1 series win over Royal Never Give Up today in the 2021 LPL Summer Split with Doinb leading the charge.

The star mid laner played Lee Sin twice and Kled once throughout this League of Legends series, heavily impacting each match even in the one his team lost. His combined KDA throughout the series was 19/5/32 after a roam-heavy playstyle to aid the rest of his team. He secured an MVP vote for his performance today, reaching a total of five MVP votes throughout the split. The other MVP vote in FPX’s win was picked up by Tian, who improved heavily during the offseason and put on a carry mantle, playing aggressive champions to synergize with FPX’s explosive playstyle.

The opening match of this series began with RNG securing early leads all over the map. With a scaling composition featuring Gwen and Kalista, these leads would aid them later on when they fell behind. During the mid-game phase, FPX turned things around and started winning teamfights, before converting them into objectives. The game remained in FPX’s hands until Gwen and Kalista came online with their full item builds and started taking over fights. Even though FPX had more gold and an item advantage across the board, RNG used Gwen and Kalista to win a crucial teamfight at 38 minutes and finish the match.

Following the loss in which they had a lead, FPX adjusted their draft towards a more aggressive top lane and jungle. This changed the tides of battle with Tian unleashed on an aggressive jungler. He impacted the map much more for his team, allowing them to play recklessly without risk of dying. Doinb especially benefited from a more aggressive jungle pick since he secured an early lead and roam to other lanes alongside Tian to quickly equalize the series.

In the third decisive match, FPX went for the picks that helped them equalize the series while RNG changed their draft completely. The early game was dominated by FPX, who went on a killing spree around the map before closing out the series 2-1 in 26 minutes.

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FPX (5-1) will be back on the Rift next week with a match against Invictus Gaming. While FPX have been quite dominant throughout the split, IG have failed to find wins against weaker teams. Going into this series, FPX are heavily favored to win and continue their domination. Tune in on Saturday, July 3 to see who will emerge victorious in this clash.

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