Dignitas have only won one game during second half of 2020 LCS Spring Split

It's been a rough road for Huni and crew.

Photo via Riot Games

When Dignitas started off the 2020 LCS Spring Split by winning three of their first four games, many pundits began to wonder if this veteran-laden roster could actually make a run to the playoffs. But all good things must come to an end, and for Dignitas fans, the end came in the form of one solitary win throughout the entire second half of the season.

As pointed out by the League of Legends Esports Stats team, the LCS standings would look a lot different if records were counted from just the second round robin. Dignitas came out of the gates swinging but faltered heavily once week five came along. There are multiple reasons that could explain this extreme drop off, though.

Multiple players on the team have fallen off once again, namely top laner Huni and former starting jungler Grig. Both players have struggled immensely this season, especially during the second half of the split. Grig’s lackluster performances eventually forced the team to sub in Akaadian, but it looks like the switch came too late.

Meanwhile, Huni is now sitting with the third-most deaths of any LCS top laner. Outside of supports, the 22-year-old veteran also has the third-least kills in the entire league. In fact, Vulcan and Zeyzal only need three more kills to surpass him among all LCS players—and they’re both support players.

Photo via Riot Games

Dignitas were also the beneficiary of some top teams struggling to find cohesion in the early weeks of the season. TSM, Evil Geniuses, and 100 Thieves were all trying to build synergy in the beginning of the year, which allowed other weaker teams to find wins early in the split.

Once those teams found their stride, however, Dignitas’ weaknesses were easily found and exploited. With more teams figuring out how to play as a unit, this team’s lack of firepower started to become a lot more apparent—and their macro and team play struggled to keep up.

Dignitas aren’t out of the playoff picture just yet, but the window is quickly closing. With two final matches against TSM and Immortals, a playoff berth might be a pipe dream once more for this experienced roster.

You can watch the action when the last week of the LCS Spring Split begins on Saturday, March 28.