DFM pick up first Worlds 2021 win over Unicorns of Love

DFM got their first win at Worlds 2021.

Image via Riot Games

Two minor region squads, the already popular Unicorns of Love and a DetonatioN FocusMe team that’s started to make a name for themselves, faced off today in the 2021 League of Legends World Championship. And the Japanese representatives secured the win with their highly aggressive play and constant map movement behind Steal’s 6/1/5 scoreline on the jungle Talon and Yutapon going 7/1/6 on Miss Fortune.

As the first matchup of the play-in stage’s Group B, a win here would help the victor get a head start in what’s considered a contested group. Both UOL and DFM are among the teams expected to get out of the group and both aim for the top two seeds since it’d help ease their potential group stage qualification because they could avoid teams like Hanwha Life Esports and LNG Esports from Group A.

Today’s match started with a bit of a slow tempo that quickly turned around after early ganks and dives from DFM onto UOL netted the LJL representatives a slight gold to begin the game. UOL quickly responded with a Rift Herald take of their own to help even things out and they used it in the top lane to secure two quick towers. This prompted DFM to respond with a dragon take and some plates in return. 

Both teams were tit for tat, not letting decision paralysis stop them from making moves around the map. But the slight gold lead DFM built for themselves ended up being too much for the Unicorns. DFM proceeded to dominate both UOL and the rest of the map en route to a 35-minute victory.

Off the backs of Steal and Yutapon’s performances and their quickness to pull the trigger all over Summoner’s Rift, DFM captured their first win at Worlds 2021, moving to 1-0 in the Group B of the play-in stage. 

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