Custom Quinn skin blends League of Legends with Genshin Impact

Is it a bird? Is it Valor? No, it’s Oz!

The worlds of League of Legends and Genshin Impact intertwine once more thanks to this custom skin. On March 1, skin creator AntiWibu shared on the Skin Empire website a custom skin for Demacia’s Wings featuring Genshin character Fischl

The two share similar traits, similar to the previous custom skins that involved a Genshin character to land on the Rift. Both Quinn and Fischl are accompanied by their loyal companions and birds, Valor and Oz. The Demacian ranger never goes anywhere without her “legendary eagle,” Valor, fighting together as one against the enemy. On the other hand, Oz is the night raven that has an unbreakable bond with Fischl, following her into battle to deliver Electro damage to their opponents while defending his companion. 

With this custom skin, fans and players will be able to enjoy Monstad’s daring adventurer on the Rift while keeping all the abilities and damages of the Demacian knight. In Genshin, Fischl has the ability to summon Oz who then descends upon their enemies dealing AoE Electro damage, while her ultimate transforms her in Oz’s form, increasing Fischl’s movement speed greatly. 

AntiWibu’s skin only changes Quinn and Valor’s appearance on the Rift, so League players can rest assured that the custom skin will not bring any electrifying ability to Demacia’s Wings.