Crit ADCs might be back on the menu in League’s Patch 8.15

Huge reductions in gold costs on key crit items might bring them back to form.

Image via Riot Games

Since League of Legends Patch 8.11 brought down all matter of hellfire on the bot lane, gutting marksman base stats, reworking key crit items, and raising the cost on Zeal items and the Infinity Edge, ADCs have been having a bad time.

Out of all the scorched-earth changes on the meta this year, those were some of the most hair-raising, especially if you were an ADC main before the patch arrived. Because, let’s be honest, no one has chosen to be an ADC main afterward aside from sadists.

The next patch might be what all the old ADC and marksman mains have been waiting for, though. Crit items costs are dropping hard, and at the risk of sounding like a bad infomercial, they’ll definitely be easier to buy in Patch 8.15 if the latest set of PBE changes make it through testing.

The big ticket item is Infinity Edge, which is dropping by 400 gold from 3,600 to 3,200 at the expense of 10 AD and five percent crit chance. Ten AD and five percent crit are significant, sure, but opening the item up to much earlier purchases by this much is worth it for marksmen.

Next on the list are the Zeal items, including the Phantom Dancer, Rapid Firecannon, Runaan’s Hurricane, and Statikk Shiv. The total cost on all of them is dropping from 2,900 gold to 2,700, and they’re losing five percent crit chance as well. Again, though, five percent crit is worth the 200 gold the item is losing.

The non-marksman meta is all about harassing your lane opponent with early damage, and with crit items this much cheaper, traditional marksmen might have an easier time competing. If you’re a fan of the pew pew variety of League champions, this patch is going to be great for you, assuming the changes aren’t reverted or altered before the patch arrives in two weeks.