Creating a Fantasy LCS Lineup on Vulcun For NA W4D1

Vulcun(invite code profantasy3) has fantasy LCS tournaments ranging from a $1 entry fee to $250 entry fee right.

Vulcun (invite code profantasy3) has fantasy LCS tournaments ranging from a $1 entry fee to $250 entry fee right.  You can get into these by depositing from Paypal or credit card, or you can try out their freerolls – free contests with small cash prizes.

Vulcun’s contests each include games from just one day, so this article will focus entirely on NA W4D1 contests.  If you want to see my thoughts on other days’ games, I sometimes write about them at

As always, my research starts with a look at the betting odds for the day.  That gives me a good idea of the chances of each team winning their game.  Ranked from heaviest favorite to most lukewarm favorite, the teams expected to win on Saturday are: CLG (1.18), Cloud 9 (1.24), TSM (1.27), Team Liquid (1.46), Team Impulse (1.56).

I usually build my teams position by position.  Starting with the top lane, Quas looks like a reasonable bargain.  While his scoring average is relatively low (12.68 average), he’s inexpensive at $922 and has a pretty good match-up.

For similar reasons, Rush at $846 presents a good value at jungler.  Keep in mind that when a mediocre team is favored, that indicates a really good match-up for the team, and provides their players with a much better scoring opportunity than the games in which they’ve compiled their previous stats.  There are other good values at jungler, so there’s an opportunity to upgrade (or downgrade) when I see how my salary cap is looking after I make the rest of my picks.

Link and Bjergsen are the clear standouts at mid.  Since Link is barely more than half of Bjergsen’s extremely high price, this isn’t a difficult decision.  I’m tentatively setting Link as my shotcaller (which means that I’ll get an extra 25% added to his score).

Apollo looks like a solid pick at ADC.  His scoring average isn’t far below the top guys, he’s got an excellent match-up, and his price isn’t completely outrageous.

At support, Adrian is another good value pick from Team Impulse.  Vulcun only allows you to pick three players per team, so I’m going to have to look elsewhere for the rest of my selections.

My first two picks for the flex positions are Xmithie and Fenix.  Both seem a bit underpriced given their match-ups and good scoring averages.  Doublelift has the highest scoring average among remaining players and has a good match-up.  I briefly considered taking Lustboy as a cheaper alternative, which would have allowed me to upgrade at another position.  The problem is that when I look at where I could upgrade with an extra $600 or so, the best option in the price range I could afford would have been…Lustboy.  There’s nobody else in that price range who I think represents enough of an upgrade on my Team Impulse bargains, so I’m sticking with Doublelift.

If you’re interested in building a lineup of your own, and haven’t tried Vulcun yet, you’ll need an invite code.  Use ‘profantasy3’ when prompted for the code during the registration process.