CONVERGENCE dev gives verdict on connection between Riot Forge game and Arcane

Will fans finally know what happens after Jinx’s rocket hits the council?

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The latest Riot Forge game—CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story—will be released on May 23, giving League and Arcane fans alike the chance to explore a vibrant new Zaun. And while the developers of CONVERGENCE at Double Stallion made sure to include various Easter eggs related to the MOBA and the show, fans are wondering how Ekko’s game ties into the end of the first season of the animated series. 

Eric Angelillo, creative director and co-art director at Double Stallion, spoke with Dot Esports to shine some light on the matter. First, it’s important to underline the studio was approached by Riot Games in 2019, before the tenth-anniversary show awed League fans around the globe with a myriad of exciting news. And when the arrival of Arcane was first announced, Double Stallion had already made up its mind on creating a new game set in Zaun and with Ekko as its protagonist.

“We loved the setting of Zaun in general, and there was just a lot of interest in doing something that involved time travel and time manipulation,” Angelillo told Dot Esports. “So it was really a match made in heaven really.” But this was all before the studio was even aware of Arcane’s existence, and the announcement of the animated show did not steer Double Stallion away from its path.

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The developer team worked on CONVERGENCE with the lore fans have come to know from League. “It’s a standalone story in the universe,” Angelillo said, underlining how the story happens early on in Ekko’s life. The 2D action platformer is meant to express Double Stallion’s unique take on young Ekko while still connecting players with the lore they’re familiar with.

It would seem the game and the animated show only share the same voice actor for Ekko, but the numerous Easter eggs hidden in CONVERGENCE will make up for the lack of a link between the two forms of media.

“Whether you know Ekko from League or from Arcane, there’s something for you to discover in CONVERGENCE,” Angelillo said. The Riot Forge game comes out on May 23 on all platforms.

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